First off thank you for inquiring further into my business online.  That honestly means a lot to me and I am confident it has the potential to be the beginning of a great thing for you.  For that reason, I wanted to be even more transparent by creating this page where I can highlight how you can work online with me and what you will be doing.


I belong to a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.  Flat out, I would like you to join.  You can stay a free member forever … it makes me no never mind.

But their first two levels of training and the amount of support you will receive the first 6 days is valuable to people who have the determination to learn how to work online.

Think about it … I am a real life human being! 

Why would I spend hours pulling together the first layer of everything you need to know when they have it there for free?

This is why I will forever list time and determination as the first things you need to work online.

What Is In It For Us

Not everyone has the same goals, but I would like to be able to learn how to work online and get so good at it I can go full time.

My goal is to have 5 websites and each website makes $25 a day.  I am giving myself at least 6 months to accomplish this and at most a year.  In less than 8 weeks, already, one of my sites is ranking the 2nd page of Google for a term.  Once it gets to the first page of Google, it will start making some money.

5 websites making $25 a day is $3750 – Wait, that sounds too good to be true but I believe someone in the world is doing it and I have enough determination to be one of them.

But 2 websites making $15 a day is great too?  That is $900 a month.  I would happily dedicate my time to learning how to work online for longer than a year if I knew every month in my sleep I could expect an extra $900.

How about you?

Why You Are Here

Hopefully because you have an interest in learning how to make money online.  If so, I would be remiss to not direct you to the platform that taught and continues to teach me.

I still belong to and am active in this community.  I’ve been through the training and still actively help other entrepreneurs who belong to the community as well.  I still reach out for help too.

Learn the truth about this platform.

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