Have you been looking for a legitimate way to earn money online?

If your answer is yes and you are serious, then you are going to want to read everything.  Feel free to bookmark this page so you can access it at a more convenient time. 

Despite what you believe, I am a real human being who spent a lot of time getting this information to you.  Not just time, either …

  • Trying to learn how to make money online has cost me a lot of money.  And I mean money that I didn’t have.
  • Sleepless nights
  • Anxiety
  • Hours and hours and hours of reading and research
  • Hours and hours of writing – it takes anywhere from 2-3 hours to write each blog post, an hour editing, and hours of getting it to the right people.

So read everything because just by you being here …

I know you are already on the right track and since I have done everything I was supposed to do to be a valuable resource, it just makes sense that you get to the end of this post.

Because I am going to show you how to start building your online business in a matter of minutes. 

Most people are so confused about making money online that they have sworn it off.  Also, predisposition to the amount of people who have been scammed doesn’t make it any better.

Meanwhile, besides winning the lottery, if you want a rags to riches story the internet is the only option that makes sense.

But the internet is littered with people who just want to play you … could care less whether you succeed or fail.


“I am here to help you get your mind right and genuinely show you the right way to use the internet to make money.”

Gosh!  When I think about the amount of people I know that do not have money or are living paycheck to paycheck … when I think about the economic circumstances that got me here …

I have always been a sucka for those internet marketers who spend half the video bragging about what they have, the country they are in, the sauna in their mansion …

It bothers me that the person in the video has exactly what I have – an internet and a computer.

It bothers me that everyone knows there are people that are making an insane amount of money using tools they have access to and they continue to do everything online that does the opposite of add value.

Here at Every Bitch Should Have A Blog, I talk about having a blog and I do my best to make it as personal as possible so people can see that I am a regular human being that genuinely wants to help.  It really makes no sense that anyone is broke and the internet exists.

Hopefully you understand where I am coming from.  Everyone deserves to be financially free.  We did not wait all through elementary and high school to be adults to work, be in debt, and enjoying life comes at a cost.

Plus, when you take into account what you actually need to start a business … it’s really a sad state of affairs that more people aren’t creating this income stream for their own self.

Before we get into the action, one more thing … I have a question.


Do you know how hard it is to make money online? 

Not knowing how hard it is to make money online is part of the reason so many people fail.  I know, I can control that by being very transparent.

I am telling you now, it isn’t easy … or it isn’t as easy as people have made it seem.

But, in the very same respect, it isn’t hard.  Especially when you fully understand the ins and outs of what you are doing and you have the tools and support you need.

Ins and outs?  Tools and support?  Those are the things I have and am honored to share.

All you need is time and the ability to dedicate yourself to what you are building.

Outside of that, there are 3 additional pieces that will be the key to your success online.


You Only Need These 3 Things To Start Making Money Online

Use Instagram to get traffic.There are so many different methods to making money online.  There are at least 5 that I can list right now.  However, it doesn’t matter how the money is being made online, people who are making money online have certain things in common, 3 of which are very vital to your success.

They have their own .com website.

You can make money online without a website, but it isn’t likely that it will be much.  Nor is it likely that you will last.

Luckily, not only can you get free websites, they are super easy to use.  They are also insanely quick … you can have a website set up in no time.  Oh … and did I mention that you can get one without spending a red cent? 

They have a lot of support.

Think about a traditional business.  Even they don’t start without help, be it from the bank or from their friends who pitch in and work for free.

The same goes for online businesses, and in my opinion … even more so.  Why?  Because networks became networks on the internet.  The first networking happened on the computer and then we just realized that we were doing it in everyday life too.

The wordsmith I am … I don’t remember the word networking being popular before the advancement of the internet.

That said, you cannot start anything without support and immediate access to help when you need it.  When it comes to making money online, let’s say you threw yourself in, right now …

Where will you get help when you need it?

They never stop learning.

… and I mean never.  They never stop training, they never stop growing, and they never stop being self motivated.

These things cannot be accomplished without support and without training.

Even in the workplace.  A company’s retention rate is contingent upon how good their training is.

If the training isn’t amazing, the odds that someone will stay past 120 days isn’t as high as it would be if the training was complete and the person had support while learning their new position.

Part of training involves practice and people who are online never stop practicing.  They also never stop testing … but testing is hella “advanced”.

Testing is something you have the potential to learn (and I used quotation marks around advanced so as to not scare you … It’s advanced, but not the way you might be thinking.  By the time you are testing, your site is really doing well and you have grasped everything there is to grasp and now you can test things out … that’s all … simple). 

A simple look at the live of a professional athlete or doctor, you will clearly see that they never stop training and practicing.  To get even deeper, a doctor practices his or her whole career.  A doctor’s career is called a practice.

Think about that …

But that is why I like free training and anytime I hear the term, my ears wiggle.  That is why I am attracted to free websites, because you get to practice.  When I wanted to learn how to trade currencies on the Forex, I had a practice account that was totally free.  To me, these things are legitimate.  When you can try things out to see if it would be a fit or when you don’t have to pay to learn or practice.


Make A Move With $0 …

This is what you should know, so far, if nothing else:

  • I’ve went through the ringer getting here and I am steadfast on the idea everyone needs to learn how to make money online.
  • In order to succeed online, you need a website, genuine help, and a lot of training and practice.

Here is what is in store for you if you sign up as a free member:

  • Genuine Help & A Network Of Like-Minded People
    • Direct access to me (Username: Combomove).
    • Thousands of people who are dying to answer a question or lend a helping hand.
    • There is a live chat and people are always on.  You can get an answer in a minute.
    • There is an interactive search bar and typing a question mark is a signal you need help.
  • 2 Websites
    • Free and easy to use
    • Fully Functional
    • Ready to make money
  • Maaaaad (which means a whole lot) Training
    • 2 Different Kinds of Training – both really extensive
    • Classrooms for every aspect of business
    • Video Tutorials
    • Courses
    • Articles
    • Samples and Practice
  • Engagement (Friends)
    • People can follow
    • Encouraged to build profitable networks
    • Personal Blog to communicate with platform

All of this and you didn’t even pay a dime, no one asked you for your credit card, no one told you that you had to pay … none of that.  Meanwhile, even as a starter you have access to valuable information that will at the very least uncover the stupid cloak around how money is made online.

From the moment you are in, you are taught how to have a business up and running – LEGITIMATELY and one that will last.  Not like the 90% of internet startups that fail in the first 120 days.

There is actually no other platform like this, offering this much stuff for no money unless of course you join for free and then are inundated with people begging you to upgrade.  Nah!!!  You will find none of that at WA.

Other platforms that are remotely close, still don’t fit the bill and they will cost you thousands of dollars a year?  I’ve seen them … Gosh have I seen them.  Nothing, compares to Wealthy Affiliate.


As You Can See …

The starter package gives you instant access to the community which I think is more important than anything.  But my circumstances may be different.  For me, not having help was keeping me from reaching my fullest potential, so I take the community part of this platform very seriously.

In the next few days, I am going to roll out a full and comprehensive review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, but if I were you, I would just go ahead and start the free training, at the very least.

The biggest part about making money online is taking the necessary time to set yourself up properly.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments you can reach me through Wealthy Affiliate.  (Here is a link to my profile.)  I would love to hear from you.



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