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Benefits Of Having A Blog

Blogs Make Money

Everyone needs extra money and all of it is literally sitting here online waiting for you. Some blogs make $100,000 a month and others make $1,000. Wouldn't you be happy with an extra $500? Exactly ... so start building a blog, Yo! Literally anyone can do it. Building an online side hustle takes time, but it's worth it because of the amount of money blogs make. You just gotta hang in there.


When you build a blog and make money on it, essentially you are a Digital Entrepreneur. Any Economics course in any University will tell you that Entrepreneurship is a proven path to financial freedom. Digital Entrepreneurship is a great way for people with limited resources or battling life's hardships can get in because the investment is insanely low for the potential of your blog.

Live Life

The laptop lifestyle is no joke. Imagine building 3 blogs that each make $10 a day. That is an extra $900 a month and it's stupid easy for anyone to accomplish ... it just takes time. Imagine having 5 sites that make $20 a day each. You could shop, build more sites and quit your job, travel to your hearts content, and the best coffee shops in the country could be your office when you don't want to work in bed.