Hey! I am Shonna, Owner of Every Bitch Should Have A Blog!

Yup … and that is me at work. In a supermarket. So, as you can see, I didn't make the best choices in life.

But, I refuse to let that stop me so I built this site with the hopes I can inspire others to quit allowing the decisions they've made in life stop them from achieving a life of financial freedom.

No Time For Fluff

I'll bet you were expecting a professional head shot or something, but I don't have time for all of that … it's fluff. I am here for one thing and one thing only and that is to invite people into a profitable friendship.

And I am going to do that by being transparent and being real and being myself. Take it or leave it … but, I really think you should take it because I am headed for the top.


If Trump Can Be President We Can Be Rich!!!

When Trump was elected into office, I made a commitment to become rich in a short period of time because it makes no sense that he gets to hold the highest office in the land, yet, I can't make an extra $5000 a month sitting on my couch.

Realizing financial freedom is not exclusive got me to where I am at today - building online businesses in order to secure wealth and I built this site to be a model for others who'd like to join me by beginning their journey to wealth.

Sell Anything And Afford Everything

One of the hardest parts of being broke is not being able to afford nice things. Meanwhile, there are people who use the internet to make money and are netting over $10,000 a month after dedicating themselves to their online businesses for 5 years.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is no cap on earning potential and you can have as many online businesses as you can build. Imagine having 5 online businesses that each make $20 a day?

That is a total of $3000 a month. With over 2 billion people online at any given time, wouldn't it be smart to learn how to leverage the power of affiliate marketing?


4 thoughts on “About Shonna”

  1. Hey Shonna – let me just say a very cool page from a really cool bitch 😉 and I am saying that with affection and the Spirit of true sisterhood! You rule!

    1. Deb!!! Thank you for stopping by and yes *popping my collar* I guess I am pretty cool. And that Napolean Complex of mine? I probably I rule and rock. And I say all of that as modestly as I can.

      Affections make me weak, Sistah. Your compliment just made my day!!!
      Thanks a mil!!!

  2. Greetings Shonna and welcome to the blog life!

    I think this time you are heading in the right direction. I too searched ways to make money online just a few years ago. It brought me down a rabbit hole I wasn’t expecting. It was dark and depressing when things turned upside down but I’m glad I stuck through it.

    Yes, I had to scrap what I was doing. Yes, I lost a little bit of money. But Yes, I learned from it.
    All worth it for the simple fact that I learned from it.

    Then I discovered the blogging life which helped me turn things back upright again. It wasn’t long after when I used what I learned from my bad experience to help others. Guess what? We learned using the same steps!

    Just remember that you don’t have to do excellent but you do have to do.

    Keep up the great website and help people start blogging!

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