I be laughin’

Well Hello!

I am Shonna, the owner of Every Bitch Should Have A Blog.

Last January, when Donald Trump became president, I embarked on a journey to build online businesses and this site is one of the many products of my efforts.

Every Bitch Should Have A Blog is approaching a year.  In honor of all of my growth, I am in the process of building a course that will teach others how to do exactly what I have done as well as continuing to transition this blog into an authority site in the affiliate marketing/lifestyle space.

See …

In my opinion, digital entrepreneurship is the only thing left.

… I mean if you genuinely wanted to ever be rich.  If you are fine living paycheck-to-paycheck and your paycheck is weak so your lifestyle isn’t even where you want it to be, what else is left but committing yourself to building online businesses?

Making money online as a career is one of the smartest financial decisions you will ever make because it is an industry where there is no cap on how much you can make or how many businesses you can run.

My goal, for example is really really small given the fact there are over 2 billion people online at any given time:

It’s to build 5 blogs that make $20 a day.  If I accomplish that goal and nothing else, at the very least I will be making $3000 a month.  For $3000 a month, I am willing to commit two years to achieve this goal.

It’s a simple and easily obtainable and since January I have made a lot of strides.  I’ve helped others and I intend to help many more.

This blog has the resources you need to get started immediately should you be interested in working with me and it is a collection of my personal interests.

  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • Saving Money
  • Self Esteem

If anything … I am always on the hunt for new friends.  People who are genuinely interested in learning how to build online businesses but genuinely don’t trust the opportunity.

Besides thinking it’s too good to be true, what are your other challenges?  I’m would love to be the vehicle that drives you into your potential as the owner of your first online business.  Let me know.  You can Contact Me and I’ll get back to you in no time.

Thanks For Reading and I don’t be nervous or weirded out … I genuinely look forward to hearing from you if you have ANY questions.

4 thoughts on “About Shonna”

  1. Hey Shonna – let me just say a very cool page from a really cool bitch 😉 and I am saying that with affection and the Spirit of true sisterhood! You rule!

    1. Deb!!! Thank you for stopping by and yes *popping my collar* I guess I am pretty cool. And that Napolean Complex of mine? I probably I rule and rock. And I say all of that as modestly as I can.

      Affections make me weak, Sistah. Your compliment just made my day!!!
      Thanks a mil!!!

  2. Greetings Shonna and welcome to the blog life!

    I think this time you are heading in the right direction. I too searched ways to make money online just a few years ago. It brought me down a rabbit hole I wasn’t expecting. It was dark and depressing when things turned upside down but I’m glad I stuck through it.

    Yes, I had to scrap what I was doing. Yes, I lost a little bit of money. But Yes, I learned from it.
    All worth it for the simple fact that I learned from it.

    Then I discovered the blogging life which helped me turn things back upright again. It wasn’t long after when I used what I learned from my bad experience to help others. Guess what? We learned using the same steps!

    Just remember that you don’t have to do excellent but you do have to do.

    Keep up the great website and help people start blogging!

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