"... and Donald Trump was President of our country?"

A very long time ago, I came up with a very powerful idea called B.L.U.N.T. an acronym for Black Liberation Under New Terms.  This idea sat on a shelf, in my heart for more than a decade.  It got stuck there because somewhere between experiencing life and not knowing which direction to go with the agenda I had, there was nothing I could or was prepared to do. 

The older I got the more the idea would come to me in the last moments I'd spend thinking before I fall to sleep ... and it would hurt me.  Especially when The Black Lives Matter campaign took off as a result of a trend of violence against our community and the crimes committed going unpunished, I'd anxiously feel ashamed that my agenda wasn't and isn't on the map.  I believe I have a compelling mission and I am sure we would have been so resourceful that we would have made a watch list like The Keepers Of The Oath.  Time went on and I did nothing. 

Towards the end of 2016, I began transitioning myself into 2017.  I knew I wanted to stop talking about what I was going to do and really dedicate myself to making good on at least one thing I wanted to do.  My first idea was B.L.U.N.T.  What is it first of all and how in the heck am I going to run a non-profit with 19 college credits and not one social, professional, or personal network that is super engaged?  Who in the heck is going to take me seriously?  At the very least, I figured I would define what my organization is and then I will see what else I can do.  I knew I was going to get stuck because after I say what it is, what it is going to do, and how, I would need money which I do not have.  I figured I would just start talking about it with people I knew other than my 3 best friends who been hearing about it for 15 years.  

I was fine.  I started putting it out into the universe.  "I'm working on a really cool non-profit that is going to attempt to bridge the economic gap between blacks and whites through mathematics and history."  I had it planned that through 2017, I was going to network.  I couldn't even have a fake dream of a launch for another 5 years, realistically, but I was willing.  But then, something really strange happened ... and I mean strange!  I woke up and Donald Trump was president of our country?  While America was up in arms, I had a dumb grin across my face.  Cause you know what that meant, right? 

It meant that we can be and do whatever we want.  Just like in kindergarten, we can just go ahead and say what we want to be.  America should have never showed me Donald Trump becoming president.  The whole event has my head so messed up, I don't have a dime in the bank and I really believe I am a millionaire.  For all I know, I could be in the middle of a nervous breakdown I believe myself so hard.  I be at my part-time job, just smiling on the inside like "they don't even know."   I had to jump out there immediately.  This is the construct under which Every Bitch Should Have A Blog was born.

I put together a clothing line called Bielyouintee which spells the acronym B.L.U.N.T.  I put up a store and no one bought anything.  I made a really cute black 5 Panel camper and I posted it everywhere and no one bought it.  So I had to think about it.  Why in the heck would someone buy my hat?  There is no way I would buy this hat.  I would take my money and go to a brand I know - a brand I like.  So, I built Every Bitch Should Have A Blog to give people a chance to get to know me.  Also, for anyone who wants to start an online business, they may be able to find some inspiration or at the very least a site they can model.  Even though B.L.U.N.T. has nothing to do with this website, my tenants are universal for everything I deal with.  If my site does what it is supposed to do, the 90% failure rate of online startups is going to reduce significantly and that will be 1 point towards me bridging the economic gap experienced by black people. 

My main goal is the advancement of the Black Community!!!  We spend so much time online but most of what we do does not generate profit.  I see a huge opportunity for us to get money online and I would be honored to be the vehicle that gets us there.  I am so sincere about what I am doing, I don't even promote an affiliate program.  I promote something free and valuable that way when someone says, "Yes, I want to see about starting an online business," they will have something to promote as they would an affiliate link but without the fee and it is fun.  Well, it's fun for me, I have been using it for years to take care of my coffee expense.  But, my main intention is to teach people how to run an online business, not get rich.  Once I have enough people that know how to promote something that is valuable to them and free to use, then we can get into more complex compensation programs TOGETHER!  We will all do it TOGETHER. 

So, that is the basic story.  It's the story minus life's ups and downs, living in the struggle, and the overall Black Experience in America.  If you are still here, you might as well join my list - even though I suck at list building.  I just know I am supposed to be getting emails.  You can rest assured I am not going to abuse your inbox as I have nothing to sell.  Join my list that I always forget to email.




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