Are You Wasting Your Retail Customer Service Skills?

Take it from someone who has been in retail for over 15 years – you need to run for the hills … and I mean run. 

Are you wasting your Retail Customer Service Skills
In retail you are only as good as what you do today.

Not everyone who is in retail is stuck in retail.  But for those who are … sheesh … my heart really goes out to you.

You are wasting your time.

And time … well, that is my motivation … because it’s precious.  Having to leave my baby, having to go to sleep when I don’t even feel like it, not being able to hang with my twerking ass friends, not being able to spend time with my family, or no time to myself when I want it … all that to have to go be fake and phony for some damned chump change?

And the paychecks … I mean … what has to be done for them.

I swear –

The tasks are a walk in the park, but when you couple the tasks with the personalities we encounter throughout a shift, it’s a game changer and the money does not add up.

Nobody in retail should have to live paycheck to paycheck, especially if they are servicing people who are making double the amount.  When a customer is socially awkward or doesn’t understand a sale, this thought is triggered:

“Why would you spend all of that money on your education to be this dumb and why is my life all crazy because I didn’t if this is what I would act like if I did?”

Money – Another Motivation Of Mine

I make money in retail … but it’s never been enough.  Granted, a huge part of the reason it’s never been enough is because of my bad money management skills, but even when I draw out a budget, it takes months and years to see real progress.

With time being my motivation – the months and years part of it just doesn’t satisfy me, instead it upsets me and I do absolutely nothing about it.  I don’t curb my spending, I don’t save … people always say that it is okay to start with $10 and I’m sorry … I do not think that is acceptable.  My sneaker habit is way more than some $40 a month.

So now, I can only buy a pair of kicks every 6 months?  Meanwhile Cardi B started out dancing?  Now she shooting videos in a project bathroom, rocking a Gucci bra?  And let’s not forget Donald Trump, a retard became president.  But somehow, I gotta start by saving $10 a week, not drink coffee, smoke Newports or any other of my recreational activities, stop buying cans of Pepsi, and eating lunch in the city while I am at work?

… and my job on top of that is emotionally draining because customers are really nuts?

About Retail Customer Service Skills

The thing about retail customer service skills that is great is that they are transferable, especially if you have been in the game for an extended period of time.

If not, then you are still in the process of learning how to sell yourself.

The thing I have learned about retail customer service skills is that it’s really all about building relationships.  Interpersonal skills are the most valuable skills a person can possess because people in the world today are socially awkward.  Being the person that can deal with all personality types is more of an asset now than it was a decade ago before the advancement of technology ruined social interaction.

The way social interaction is set up nowadays, by the way, is really draining.  It’s technology and social networks … I’m telling you.  Remember, I was in retail before all of these platforms.  The quality of customers is really on the decline and it has been for a number of years.

That is another motivation of mine …

When I step out of work, there is nothing fake and phony about me.

Some of the things customers say to me … some of the things they do ….

That shit would never happen if we were out in the street.

Not without a scene.

The things they get away with, the things they expect, how they come across.  Nah …

Honestly … If I didn’t have my online businesses (of which I am approaching a year) then I would have already bailed.

My Exit Strategy

One of the reasons I’ve been so good in retail is because I have one fundamental rule that I have always followed.  I do not work for a company that I do not believe in.  It kind of mitigates the level of fake and phoniness that comes along with the job.  Also, it gives me the ability to be more tolerant when I am working for a company whose products or services I use and/or trust.

But even with that, I still felt like my retail customer service skills were being wasted.  Furthermore, even if I transferred my skills into another industry I’d still be short on time and I’d still be short on money.

That is when I started thinking about making money online.  And it’s been history ever since.  Being able to transfer my customer service skills into my own business has given me a whole new lease on life.

Now, a year into the game, I have a few websites that I am building simultaneously (including this one) and they are all doing what they are supposed to do.  I am meeting people, I am growing in the industry and I have even helped a few people.

Yes!!!!  A few people actually asked ME for help … a very few … but damn it!!!  That is a huge achievement!!!  I mean huge, YO because I am a stranger!!!  And I actually had an answer.

But my exit strategy is affiliate marketing and while I’ve done and still do loads of research trying to get better, the foundation on which my sites are built are solid as a rock because of a platform that teaches people how to build online businesses – it’s free.

Why You Should Consider Affiliate Marketing As A Career

A lot of people confuse the term massage therapist with masseuse.  A massage therapist is a therapeutic relationship and they went to school and are certified.  A masseuse, on the other hand did not and there is a chance they will give a happy ending if you offer enough money.

In the same respect:

Making money online is not effective language.  It’s too many negative associations with the idea.  Mainly the though of being scammed or it being too good to be true.

The goal may be to make money online, but there are a number of ways to do so.  Whether you are employing a bunch of those ways to make money online or focusing on one, essentially you are an entrepreneur – a digital one.

And if you didn’t know, entrepreneurship is a proven path to financial freedom.

Moving right along.  Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative and legitimate ways for someone to start out.  As a matter of fact, for most online businesses, affiliate marketing was the foundation and from there they launched into building products and public speaking.

It turns out the most successful online businesses start with someone who is able to provide a high level of customer service.  I mean what do you think the person has when they are sharing their review of a product that you wind up buying?

Anyway, it doesn’t take much more than time and determination to embark on a career in affiliate marketing or to become made online.  And if you are wondering why you would do that?

Neil Patel makes over a million a year, I was listening to a podcast last night and that lady was slated to make over $900,000 this year.  Then there is another guy I follow, he builds campaign and his biggest earns him over $1000 a day … ONE of his biggest and he is running over 8.

Imagine if you could build 5 sites that make $20 a day.  That would be a total of $3000 a month.  If you wanted to get started on that in the same fashion I did … doing exactly what I did then sign up here, for free, and get help from the community and access to all of the classrooms before the bonus runs out and 2 websites that will be yours to keep. 






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