R. Kelly Now – New Allegations: ISSA Cult!

Apparently, R. Kelly now has 6 women under his control and they are saying it’s like a cult and that R. Kelly has rules and if the girls don’t follow them, they get punished.


Y’all thought I only knew how to talk about blogging and making money online? 

No!  Actually, this blog kind of manifested into that, but I hope to be able to turn it into what it was truly intended for one day – which was to be my soapbox.

A place where I could weigh in about the things that concern me and/or gives me pause.  The things that grinds my gears, makes my blood boil, and/or calls the Napolean Complex living inside of me to action.  I thought this blog was going to be my contribution to the pool of people who pick apart daily life, current events, and society.  But, nah … I genuinely enjoy helping others recognize their potential online and I’ve gotten away from the things I really want to talk about.

But today, folks …. Oh TODAY!

I was on Twitter and I found out that R. Kelly now has a cult of girls who can sing and he is controlling the majority of their life … none of them have an album.

Have you heard about this?

Who Is R. Kelly?

I’m sorry …

R. Kelly's hit song, "I Believe I Can Fly," was on the soundtrack to this movie.
Jordan was in the movie and the colorway for a franchise favorite was inspired by this movie and are dubbed the Space Jams.

I can’t.  R. Kelly “crossed-over” more than a decade ago with a song called, “I Believe I Can Fly,” which is on the soundtrack to the box office hit, “Space Jam.”  I really cannot tell you more than that.  Everyone knows this man … I mean everyone, from everywhere … that is what it means when a celebrity crosses over.

But me and most of the people I know either know him from his first album, “12 Play,” or they were conceived during the time his album dropped.  Like once that album hit, for at least the next 5 years there was just a lot of sex in the air, sexual tension everywhere you went … or it could have been that I was going through puberty … either way, I feel like R. Kelly and I go way back.

We go so far back, in fact, I cannot separate him from his illegal marriage to a minor who went on to become a world known singer and American actress.

Marries A 15 Year Old And Pee’s On An Adolescent

When the videos surfaced back in the day of R. Kelly pissing on a girl and it came out that she was only 14 (and some accounts say she was 13), I was very vocal about how stupid people were.

He freaking married the late Aaliyah when she was only 15 (and some accounts say she was 14).  The marriage was illegal and was annulled and Kelly never spent a day in jail for it.  Aaliyah’s first album, for goodness sake, was entitled, “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number.”  This was 1994, I was 13 and they were already married.

How did he manage to escape the pedophile moniker then?  Like, why was everyone so confused when the video of him performing a Golden Shower on a minor came out?  Did he do any jail time then?


He settled and went on to drop maaaaaaaddddd hits … some of his best work came after that trial, now that I think about it.

So now that he has this cult and he is running it in the manner that he is, again, I do not understand why people are so confused.  He is a freaking pedophile and always has been.

R. Kelly’s Latest Allegations

BuzzFeed’s Jim DeRogatis really put his foot in this article.  It’s been covered and referenced plenty of times since the story broke Monday, July 17th, 2017.

As an affiliate marketer, I can’t help but wonder how many backlinks his article got.  I mean, Fox mentioned this article, Rolling Stone mentioned this article, and Atlantic … my corny ass little website mentioned this article.  

DeRogatis, if you should ever read this, which I doubt you will … you are truly an inspiration.  That journalism was really compelling.  I mean can journalists be lawyers?  I feel like you just built the whole case.

According to DeRogatis, there are 6 women who are living in homes rented by R. Kelly in Atlanta and Chicago.  Each of the women have R. Kelly issued phones that are heavily regulated, as are their diets, hygiene rituals, sexual encounters and more.  The article paints Kelly as the ultimate abuser.  From mind-control, to physical and verbal abuse, this article has it all.

At the center of this story are two sets of parents.  Each of them just want their daughter back.  When they look at how everything unfolded, from when they met R. Kelly to when their daughters left, in hindsight, they know they should have known better.  But, one of them even says it in the article, “He is R. Kelly,” as a reason as to why she didn’t think twice about him as a mentor for her 17 year old daughter who was aspiring to be a singer.

The point of the article isn’t only to present the allegations and the proof surrounding what is being said.  DeRogatis isn’t talking out of the side of his neck.  He has the two parents and their accounts and then he actually has the accounts of the situation from women who have left the “cult.”  The article also alludes to a gross part of our judicial system of how celebrities get off, noting that R. Kelly has settled out of court for sexual misconduct on minors way more times than the public would ever know.  In each settlement, the girls have to sign non-disclosure statements, so according to the article, it seems as if they never happened.  Plus he was acquitted in 2008 when he peed on that little girl and like I mentioned earlier, he did not do time for his relationship with Aaliyah.

Is It Because He Is A Celebrity?

What I think I want to be very clear about is that our judicial system caters to people who have money.  I do not think it has anything to do with celebrity status.  If he was a nobody with the same amount of money in the bank, we wouldn’t even know about this.  He’d just be paying people off.

But the fact that he is a celebrity cannot be taken lightly.  I like how Spencer Kornhaber put it when he wrote, “… ongoing superstar status, seemingly, acts as its own kind of character witness,” in his response to these breaking allegations.  While, I don’t think celebrity status has anything to do with how they are treated in the courts that isn’t with in reason, as much as it explains why the two sets of parents let their underage children spend time with a person who’d been accused on more than one occasion of being inappropriate with a minor.  And Kornhaber mentions this very conflict saying something to the effect of – you wouldn’t let your child hang out with the man from down the block who’d been accused, but you will R. Kelly.

When it comes to the parents, I must admit, I am up in arms and I believe that when speaking of a celebrities and the things they get away with, it has the most effect on regular people.

“J” And Theresa – The Mom’s

Here is my issue:

When a celebrity has to go to court, they are treated differently.  But it is only because they are known.  Either they have the money to get off or they go off to a “jail” which turns out to be a vacation for most of them.  If they aren’t afforded that luxury, they never really have to worry about being part of general population … unless of course they are totally broke and irrelevant … in that case anything goes.

But, celebrity status as a way to measure character is dangerous and for parents of teenage girls, insanely irresponsible.

There has to be something more to the story.

This is when I start to think, “WWJD?”

Hmmmmm, what would Judy do?  Judy as in Judge Judy.

I have to be honest!  After watching Judge Judy in action for years, I know when something doesn’t make sense, it probably isn’t true.

The one thing I have always admired about Judge Judy is her insistence on holding people accountable for their own stupidity and/or lack of responsibility.  That said, I think J and Theresa would have gotten nailed to the cross, because something isn’t adding up.

This goes back to what I was saying in the beginning of the post:

R. Kelly married a 15 year old and peed on a 13 year old.  Why on earth would you let your child hang around someone that has been accused of such things?  Why?

R. Kelly is a pedophile.  Does that mean you have to quit listening to his music?  No.  Does it mean you can let him mentor your child without supervision?  Nah.

Going to the cops, calling the FEDs, and talking to reporters to me is an expression of guilt and now-a days, who knows?  What if “J” and Theresa had their hopes up because if we do the math, R. Kelly is from the parents generation.  Not their daughters.  The parents, may have been thinking this was finally their big break as well and they get to meet and be associated with R. Kelly … they’ve been his fan forever.  I was no older than 13 when R. Kelly’s “12 Play” came out so ….

My Take On The Situation

I know …

The parents are furious.  But they are barking up the wrong tree.  And I don’t remember where I saw it, but there are people that are saying that the parents are trying to ruin his career … which they can’t.

Can I repeat?

There is a video of him pissing on a little girl, for goodness sake!!!  She was found to be underage.  He got off.  The six women in his “cult”.  And for the record, cults are not illegal.  Are they taboo?  Yeah!  But the First Amendment protects them.

None of the women are underage and all of them are consenting.

If anything, I think if the parents keep doing what they are doing, they are going to run the risk of never getting their girls back.  I think they should give it a decade when the girls hit their 30s.  Okay, that is the worst case.  Maybe they will break from under his spell when they are in their mid 20s.

As it stands, one of the mom’s said when she last saw her daughter, she looked like she had been brainwashed and she spoke as if she’d been brainwashed as well.


I want to know what you think.  Do you think the mom’s are trying to ruin his career?  Do you think they were wrong for allowing their then 17 year old daughters to not take extra precaution for the “mentorship” offered by a man that should be well known as a pedophile?

Chime in and let me know.  I am curious to hear what regular people are saying.

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Aaight … enough said …

I am about to finish getting ready for work and I am going to be thirstily monitoring this post that means, if you respond, you’ll hear right back from me … I mean … this is a pretty juicy situation.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for reading.





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