Profitable Blog Ideas

What Should Your Blog Be About?

This is literally a million dollar question.


Because if you do not figure it out, you will not make a million dollars. But if you do figure out what your blog is going to be about you will have a real life shot at it.

  • And figuring out what your blog is going to be about is a real challenge. Rest assured, you are not alone. This is the challenge that will keep someone from taking action because if you do not know what to build, how will you build it? And if you do not build it, you will be effectively taking yourself off the path of financial freedom.

In other words, the likely hood that you will be making over $10,000 a MONTH in the next 5 years, (realistically speaking mind you), is null and void.

  • Yes … most affiliate marketers who've been in business for 5 years are making about $10,000 on average a month. Ask Neil Patel owner of Crazy Egg and Kyle and Carson, owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They are making over $100,000 A MONTH. So, if you do not start now, you can not even dream of this day. And if you do dream of that day it won't be real. On the other hand, from the moment you figure out what your blog is going to be about and you start building it, this is a dream that is as tangible as the dreams people have their first year of college.

This list is going to help you find the inspiration you need to figure out what you are going to blog about or you could pick one of the items on the list that resonates with you and start building it out. Don't think you are stealing my idea, either. There could be 10,000 different websites about the same thing and there is still enough money to go around … and a lot of times there are that many websites about one thing.

Really, though, I pulled together this list to show you that there is really nothing that you cannot blog about and there is really no topic online that can't be monetized. Once you own your domain name and your hosting, there is literally nothing that you can't blog about, everything is fair game.

Really, though, I pulled together this list to show you that there is really nothing that you cannot blog about and there is really no topic online that can't be monetized once you own your website. 

Before you dig into this list, the one thing I want to let you know in advance is you could pick whatever topic you want and you can write about it till the cows come home. Running a profitable blog takes training. You have to be trained to optimize your blog for search engines and most importantly on how to drive traffic to your site. Without training, I promise you, the amount of discouragement you are going to face will be borderline unbearable. In my opinion, I think you skim through this list, sign up for free training, and then come back when you see how much potential you have in front of you.

Ideas For Starting A Profitable Blog

Beauty is a huge industry netting over 2 million. In my personal opinion which is based on opinion, any beauty niche you go into will be profitable provided you have the right training and you know how to optimize your blog.

Pro Tip: If you are able to incorporate video showcasing the products in action, you will be able to build a responsive audience. Here are some beauty related niches you could start with:

  • Skin Care
    • Cultural Skin Care
      • Black Skin Care
      • Korean Skin Care
    • Beauty Regimens
  • Make Up
    • Brands
  • Hair Care
    • Natural Hair Care
    • Hairstyles
  • Hygiene
  • Beauty Application Techniques
  • Henna

Take a look at The Shade Room.  She had an interest in celebrities and used to stalk their social networks trying to piece together what was really going on. From there she began to weave together stories, speculating what could be based on her findings. Now, you cannot speak of Celebrity gossip without mentioning The Shade Room.

Just like beauty blogs, celebrity blogs do really well.

Pro Tip: One of the biggest challenges to building a successful blog is the ability to drive traffic to your site. Any site built around celebrities is easier to promote on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, massive sources of traffic that even I struggle tapping into.  For celebrity blogs always have High Quality photos. 

  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Celebrity Fan Site
  • Celebrity News
  • Celebrity Fashion
  • Actors/Actresses
  • Reality T.V. Stars
  • Musicians

Holy Cow!!! Fitness Blogs are another money maker. Especially since that is what America is all about right now. Everyone is trying to battle childhood obesity, doing clean eating, dieting, lifting, gaining, or losing.

The dieting industry alone is huge and the market for dieting programs and work-out regimens is insanely profitable.

If you get in on fitness, you will never look back and it's extremely rewarding when you think about the amount of stuff you will learn and be exposed to.

  • How To Gain Weight
  • How To Lose Weight
  • How To Stay Fit On A Budget
  • Diets
  • Weight Lifting
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Clean Eating

Blogs about marijuana have cult-like followings. Also, pot is enjoyed by people from many different walks of life and for many different reasons, so you have endless angles to choose from. For example, your blog could be focused on:

  • Strains
  • Medicinal Use
  • Legalization
  • Tools
  • Dabbing
  • Glass
  • Girls Who Smoke
  • Pot News

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