Aries Personality Traits: Straight From The Ram’s Mouth – Part 1

*Popping my collar* … since it’s our designated season* and all …

…  figured I’d honor my readers with a comprehensive review of Aries personality traits.

Who better than to sum us up but an Aries tried and true.

… and no.  I am not the late Ms. Cleo, nor am I aspiring to be.  Nothing like the gypsy lady standing in front of a narrow door way asking to read your palm.  I’m not a psychic.

There will be no crystal ball.

I am a people watcher … or as my best friend’s call it, “a creep.”  Quite the analyzer, I am known for picking issues apart until they aren’t much more than a molecule.  Despite how gangsta I look, I am really in touch with my feelings.

That said, through general observation, logic, and personal experience I present to you Aries personality traits from the mouth of a ram.

This in depth analysis from an Aries perspective will clear up any confusion you may have had in your dealings with us and give you an edge going forward when you come across us and our addictive personality.  This is a two part series

Negative Aries Personality Traits First – We Don’t Sugar Coat -Ish

Er!  I lied.

We Sugar Coat -Ish

For the first time in a very long time, this old lady pulled my card.

She walked in.  She looked crazy.  I mean, she had on a platinum colored curly wig and she didn’t have any bottom teeth.  And she was pulling a case.  She say’s, “Hey!  I need some walking shoes that are good for an old lady like me.”  I stopped what I was doing … I was standing directly across from her.  I said …

… and I knew I shouldn’t have said it, because she looked really crazy – she had this eye liner on and a burgundy matte lip and a black wool trench coat.

“Old lady?!?”  I was all animated, looking around … you know … laying it on real thick!  “Where?”

I’m looking at her with a question on my face, “Where?”  She gonna look at me and say, “Now you know I’m an old lady.”

My friends learned along time ago that if I am making something sound too good to be true that they could easily yank me into reality by seriously letting me know that they aren’t falling for it.

For that reason, I don’t even think our ability to sugar coat -is should be a negative because there are so many wonderful things that can come out of it.

However, when it comes to money or finances … beware as we are very persuasive and prone to get-rich-quick schemes. (Danger!)

Aries ARE NOT The Best When It Comes To Money Management

I did not need an astrology book to tell me about this part of Aries personality traits.

… Actually, I knew this before I even knew it because I have always sucked with money.

Any astrology book you read is going to list irrational and impulsive as negative traits for an Aries and they are the two glitches that I blame for our “problems” with money.

Now, I have come across plenty of Aries that have a lot of money and they are the masters of saving or being cheap.  For example:

  • I once worked with a Haitian girl that was really good and thoughtful with her money.  However, in my experience, different cultures deal with money differently.  So, in my opinion, that is why she was an exception to the rule.
  • Some American families go out of their way to teach their children good money management skills, be it through circumstance or that financial stability is a family theme.  In my opinion, this would be another exception to the rule.
  • Then there are the stars and the moons rising and setting.  In my case, thankfully, my moon is doing something with Virgo.  Though they are not a love match for me, their attention to priorities helps me not be as irresponsible as I could be when it comes to finances.  I am no exception, because I still suck, but one day I will be because I am getting better.
  • Lastly, adulting can also create an exception to the rule.  A lot of times Aries find themselves in a position where we have no choice but to deal with a budget and have even come to appreciate budgets and budgeting. (GAG!!!) 

“The word ‘BUDGET’ (just typing it, for that matter) makes me want to smoke 3 cigarettes.” – Shonna

Saving money isn’t traditionally one of our first thoughts.  Even as we grow up and realize how important it is to save, there is no guarantee that we will ever stop being impulsive.  You have to understand,

  • we will impulsively say some shit.
  • We will impulsively take a risk.
  • For goodness sake, we will impulsively make a bunch of crazy and rash decisions …

Aries Personality TraitsWe have so many different impulses to mitigate, sometimes curbing our impulsive spending doesn’t make the cut.  Our first idea is to curb the things we say out of our mouth.  From there (especially if you are a female Aries), we quickly learn how to not act impulsively *like* out in the street or around people we don’t know or trust.  Therefore, (especially if you are a female) curbing impulsive purchases doesn’t make the cut because for women, shopping sometimes stands as therapy.

… and budgeting?  You might as well commit ME to the crazy house now.  Like I said, exceptions to the rule definitely exist.  However, when it comes to Aries Personality Traits?

There will be no budget or budgeting. 

At The End Of The Day, We DGAF

… and I mean for real.  This is actually a sad state of affairs and totally nothing to brag about.  I challenge myself to care more every single day and sometimes I make the mark, but most times, I don’t.

It’s sickening, because I like to think of myself as a specialist when it comes to building relationships, but in some situations this attitude makes it tough.

One of the Aries personality traits that is commonly known is the fact that we are very self absorbed.  Astrologists say it is because we are the first house of the zodiac.  When you are self absorbed it is easy to not care about anything outside of yourself.  As much as I hate this, I get better at it the older I get.

We haven’t gotten to the positives, so I can not really clean this statement up as yet.  Just know we are not as cold-hearted as this sounds.

If we’ve been described as such or this has been your experience with us … that we are cold-hearted, then it is this Aries personality trait right here that perpetuated it.

The fact of the matter is we have the tendency to be so self absorbed that we do not care what anyone is saying or thinking.

A lot of us haven’t been able to master the art of taking constructive feedback and for that reason we don’t really fare well when it comes to accepting something being our fault.

I’ve heard, through the grapevine that we think we know everything.

These things easily make us come across as arrogant and insensitive to others feelings.  Aries Personality Traits Constellation

In Part 2 of Aries Personality Traits

We are going to be exploring all of the positive things Aries bring to the table and why a relationship with this sun sign can fill many a void in your life.

Also, we will revisit these negative traits and a few more and I will show you how easily you can overcome them by using our positives against us.  Honestly … Aquarians and other water signs do it to us all of the time.

By the time you are done reading Part 2, you will have any Aries you come in contact with wrapped around your finger.


I desperately need feedback from you all! 

Other Aries need to chime in and I definitely need others who have dealt with Aries to speak their piece!!!

I genuinely want to hear experiences and what you think about what you’ve read so far.

I was reading a part of this post to one of my best friends whose late father was an Aries and she was super tickled.  She said that I pulled a lot of things into perspective about him because he was really self absorbed.  We shared some laughs and some memories before we hung up … but I think I know Aries pretty well. 

What do you say?

Anyways …. I am out …  1400 words later.  This same best friend, by the way called me a narcissist for writing an article about myself.  She said, “How dare you?!?”  That made me laugh.

Is that the Aries in me?  Perhaps.

If by chance, you want to know more about me, be sure to check out About Shonna. 

Thank you so much for reading this long ass post … I guess Aries are wordy too!

Until next time, be great!!!








6 thoughts on “Aries Personality Traits: Straight From The Ram’s Mouth – Part 1”

  1. Hi Shonna! First your blog was funny. I am not an Aries, I am a Virgo. The statement about money management must be a “all sign alert”, I am horrible with money. I love the self-evaluation and knowing what you need to improve on. That is something I need to work on too. Nice article!

  2. Hi Reggie!!! Great to see you again.

    Glad you enjoyed the post. You know what is funny? For a very long time, I have been explaining to my friends a line from an old Lauren Hill song, that “everything is everything,” when I speak about the zodiac. Money for example. You are right. A lot of people struggle with finances and decisions regarding their money and it doesn’t really matter what sign they are. However, some signs are just more prone than others to certain things.

    You actually prove this being a Virgo. Virgos are known for being able to prioritize and that attention to priority often times makes them good money managers. Luckily, as I mention in the post, my moon rises in Virgo and every time a bill gets paid on time … Girl, I thank the Virgo in me, because the Aries in me won’t pay on time. It just won’t.

    Thank you for reading, commenting and your compliment. I genuinely appreciate it.

  3. Hi Shonna,
    I must compliment you on this article. Not everybody are comfortable writing about their personality. I happen to be a Scorpio. But all the same, It’s very intriguing hearing from direct source the effect of their zodiac sign. Looking forward to your next article.

    1. Hi!!! Thank you for the compliment. It is much appreciated.

      Aye! My dad was a Scorpio.

      I really love astrology, always have … and it’s probably the Aries in me that would make me do a post like this. My best friend told me it is actually an example of how self absorbed an Aries can be.
      At any rate, Part 2 is in the works and it’s gonna be a doozie! Already about 1500 words in ….
      Why am I so damned wordy?!?!?!

      Yea, and I’ve never seen a post about an Aries from Aries. I thought it be an interesting perspective as well. Glad I had the heart to write it.
      Thanks for reading.

  4. This was an engaging post for me. Not because of what you are writing about but because of your writing. I even had to check out your About Shonna page to see what else you had to say. I hope to see more of your writings here on WA soon.

    As far as you being an aries, I believe that you believe in what it is to be an Aries. I believe you are just being yourself(which is awesome, BTW) and are using Aries as why. But you don’t have to do that.

    Great blog name, BTW.


    1. Hi Brent! Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment.

      Can I even modestly say that I am sooooo awesome that sometimes I need an answer as to where this awesomeness is coming from?

      Sometimes life gets stupid hard and I just be laughing and smiling and just trying to do anything I can to make it easy. I don’t know where I get that from. My best friend laughed at me last night because I emailed a big company asking if they could give me a special link and the ability to earn commissions? Who does that? Or even better, Where dey do dat at?

      All behaviors … As a people watching mathematics lover, when I see or experience certain behaviors, I need 1 answer as to where it came from and typically the zodiac is there.

      But seriously, your comment was awesome. I bought a smile to my face. Thanx, Brent!
      Cheers to you too!!!

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