What Do I Need To Start A Home Based Business – The Ultimate Guide

Proud as a peacockAahhhh … so you want to start a home based business.  Well, I am stoked.  This is a great article.  It’s long, tho so feel free to bookmark it and come back later.  I always try to not be wordy, but I go from 1500 words to 2000 words real quick.

Starting A Business And Running A Business

Two Totally Different Conversations

… sure, you may not be able to talk about one without talking about the other, but not in the beginning and not in the end.  In other words, people spend weeks, months and years talking about starting a business.  When the starting of the business manifests into a started business, in essence, it is still starting.  However, the conversation soon manifests into a discourse injected with conversations that include the running of the business.  Thereafter, as the running of the business begins to take shape, there will never again be a need to go back to talking about what is needed to start the business.

To the detriment of your pockets and self esteem, people have come to think without money they cannot start a business.  In all actuality, especially in 2017, you do not need money to start anything.  As a matter of fact, you have already started.  This is the research part of it where you figure out can you do it.  I am here to tell you that you can very easily.

When it comes to startup conversations, it doesn’t matter if you start a home based business or a traditional one with a store front, they are the same.

Who Is Reading?

Who is not reading this post?  People with money.  With a run down of their assets in tote, people with money go straight to the bank.  Whether they want to start a home based business or a store front, it happens differently.

If you have money and you wound up on this post, then you are probably wondering about the legal part of starting a business, like the legal structure.  Are you going to be a LLC or an INC, and while I know all of that stuff, this is not that post.

Anyone else on this post, I believe they only have an idea or a desire and they are finally ready to see about it without a substantial amount money in the bank or like me when I started with no money in the bank.  I can’t help but be excited about that.  Not only because I have the answers and encouragement you need, but I am just happy like that for anyone embarking on an endeavor that will point them in the direction of financial freedom.

About What You Are Going To Need To Start A Home Based Business

… and who is telling you.

It turns out people think I am crazy.  Why?  Because I have always been an open book to anyone who will listen.  For that reason, as the composer of a list that could potentially change your life, you should know the circumstances under which I arrived.

I do not have money.  Back in the 90s when every cutie with a booty bought a Coogie, I had a lot of money, but I was also much, much younger and I didn’t have any real responsibility.  My family doesn’t have money, but they aren’t broke.  I come from a middle class black family.  I had a pretty weird childhood.  My mom ran the streets and I was raised by my aunt and my grandmother.

They felt so bad for me, I never learned the value of a dollar.  If that wasn’t the fail.  I got a lot of other things from them that are way more important.  For example, I don’t have self esteem issues – I have way more personality than I have looks but you can’t tell me that!!!  I am a really healthy lover.  And when I say “healthy lover” I am not talking about how good or safe I am in bed.  I am talking about the ability to love honestly, whole heartedly and I am aware of it’s worth.  However, they should have taught me more about money.  I believe I still would have been the same person.  As a matter of fact, I probably would have been saved a lot of heartache.

I would much rather be a stellar money manager than lover. 

Honestly, in the world we live in today, the lover gets the shit end of the stick.  It’s really challenging.  Where as dealing with money?  Your money can’t cheat on you after you work 7 days a week between 2 jobs to make sure you have a future.  But that is another post. 

I made certain decisions and as such, I am still in retail.  At some point, my future began to look bleak and broke.  I didn’t finish school and I was not studying anything creative, anyway.  I studied Mathematics.  It took a lot of guts for me to even be where I am at now, but I know there are others who are in the same circumstances and are finally ready to do something about the direction their life took.  I watched a lot of people living their life while bearing resentment for this whole self sufficiency thing and nana and aunt Donna for continuing to bail me out without an intervention that would expose how bad I was being with money.   Now at 36, the thought of making a budget and having to sacrifice makes me smoke a pack of cigarettes.  My nerves get really bad.

To Start A Home Based Business You Don’t Need Money

In order to start a home based business, the last thing you need is money.  Every item I discuss is going to be actionable and hopefully different than what you have ever read or seen before.  I don’t have money, I am not good with money, and I am single – yet, I have a home based business.

Is it making money?  No.  But it can at any given time which tickles the heck out of me.  Not only do I feel accomplished, I feel better about every wrong decision I made.  Be it a few weeks, another 3 months, or another year, at any given time, I will have a steady stream of income.

A lot of what you need to start a home based business or any business for that matter comes from within.  The other half has to do with the world we live in today.  If you want to start a home based business or one on the street, you have to keep up with the times.  This post is going to give you exactly what you need to start a home based business and you will be able to take action, right here and right now.

What Is Your Home Based Business Going To Be About? (You Need A Niche)

Recently, I learned the meaning of a niche.  This isn’t the Webster’s dictionary definition, this is what a niche can be described as.  A niche is a group of people that _________.  (Fill in the blank)  That is a niche.  It is simply a group of people and their dealings with something specific.  As a business person, you are a medium.  You are the person that bridges the gap between the specific thing and the people who deal with it.

Picking a niche isn’t that easy but it isn’t that hard.  There is a formula to picking a niche and there isn’t.  For example, someone who loves Star Wars can stop there.  That can be their niche.  But what about a person who loves fashion?  A person who is considering doing something fashion related has to press a filter button because it is too broad of a topic.  You have urban fashion, my favorite.  Tomboi fashion for butch lesbians, another favorite of mine.  Streetwear, indie labels and so much more.

I got lucky because I belong to a network of people that taught me how to pick a niche. 

The one thing I didn’t expect to see during training is step-by-step details on how to become an expert in the niche that I pick.  In a short period of time (only because I have a lot of free time on my hands and the ambition of a 6 year old, according to my best friend) not only did I learn how to effectively narrow my interests down into a niche, I was then taught step-by-step how to easily become an expert using stupid Google tools, like Google Alerts for example.

Side note: Look, I built SneakerHeaded.com.  Of course I want to read about sneakers all day.  I have 2 alerts set up, YO!  I know everything that is coming out in April in sneaker world!!! *insert straight-faced emoji*

I promised you some action, didn’t I?  Okay.  Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of training … I mean a lot.  They literally leave no rock unturned.  Whether you have an interest or not, you can learn how to pick your niche.  Here is a video that will detail it for you.  This video bought a lot of things in perspective for me and I am sure it will do the same for you.

Choosing Your Direction – It Starts With A Niche (Video)

Entrepreneurial Spirits Need Each Other (A Network)

I simply cannot tell either of my best friends anything else about my endeavors.  For goodness sake, I have known them since I was a teenager.  We are talking over 20 years.  Do you know how many ideas and startups they have witnessed?  Well, I am an Aries.  Ask about us.

Not that they don’t want to hear it.  They already know, this is how I am.  They have watched me fail, they have watched me not see things through and they have watched me dream.  Entrepreneurs, visionaries and independents need the support of people who are doing the same thing as them.  They need the support of people who have the same goals and want to work together to get them.  As an entrepreneur, you want to be around people who have the attitude that it ain’t no fun if your homies can’t have none. 

Wealthy Affiliate is just that!  It is a network of people.  It is actually the largest affiliate network that I have ever seen to date.  Besides the fact people on this site are ridiculously happy, they are also motivated, ambitious, and committed to experiencing financial freedom.  Another thing they are is willing to help, so 24 hours a day and 7 days a week there is somebody available to reach out to should you have an obstacle.  Any help or support you may need for your home based business is given to you within the hour … and I am being modest … there is a live chat.  Your question could be answered and help can be given within 15 minutes.

A “Store Front” (You Need A Website)

A website is exactly a store front but it is a virtual one, where the internet is “the block.”  The address?  Your domain name.

In 2017, if you want to start a home based business?  Well, that is as easy as setting up a website for your niche or to attract the people who are interested in what your business is about.  They will become potential customers.

A website is like what you see in the movies when a banker or investor is coming to town to meet with a big firm that wants their business.  The firm that wants the business has to host the person they want to spend money with them.  That is what you are doing on a website.  People are coming to “town” and you are hosting them.  Right now, I have a ton of websites available for me to build.  Another perk of belonging to Wealthy Affiliate.  When I joined, I got two free websites and once I became a paid member I got another 48 for a total of 50 sites.  Just to give you an idea of the potential in this:

If I build 5 sites and each of them makes $10 a day, that is an extra $1500 a month.  Well, with over 1 billion people online at any given time, how hard is that going to be?

Ha!!!  It’s stupid because it is very hard, actually … but not hard at all if you follow me.  Either way, WA has given me all that I need and more.  From the training, to the people, to the amount of revenue outlets I have with all of those websites.  Building websites is not that easy but again, it isn’t what you think.  It takes less than 10 minutes to build the shell but it takes a lot of thought and support from friends to build the content, get the ideas, drive engagement and traffic.

If you want, you can start plugging ideas into this little tool I have provided to see if it is available.  If it is, you can start building your site immediately.  That is easy as heck.  Once you build it, you will have access to all of the training I have mentioned, direct access to me, the owners who after all these years are still very active, and the entire network of people who are doing the same exact thing as you.  You will never log into your FaceBook again there is so much interaction … valuable interaction and engagement on this platform.

You can not start a home based business without a website and websites typically cost anywhere from $100 – $2500.  This has all of the trappings of a fully functional website without needing a geek to put it together for you.

What Questions Do You Have?

After reading over 2000 words, I know you must have a question or a comment.  I take a lot of pride being there for people.  If you check out the comments on an article I wrote about The New Balance 990, a really good stability shoe, you will see that I do not play when it comes to helping people.  Sneakers are a hobby of mine and I know a lot about them.  Check the article and see for yourself.  That is my new site, so navigating it is kind of weird, but if you want to get a taste of my personality, click on the link.

That said, if you are ready to start a home based business and any questions or you want to run something by me, I am here all of the time.  Especially for something like this.  Helping people find their way online is something I am extremely passionate about.  Before WA, though, everything wasn’t centralized in one place.  If you want to know more about starting a home based business and specifically how WA will guide you through every aspect leave a comment below.

I am Shonna aka ‘B’ aka The ComboMove.  Nicknames are part of my midlife crisis … Don’t ask.

This is my personal profile at Wealthy Affiliate.  I take pride showing everything and being very transparent so no one takes me for a joke or one of those people I wrote about in Internet Marketers Are Liars But Tell The Truth At The Same Time.

Any feedback you may have can be left in a comment below!

Hope to hear from you!

Your new cheerleader minus the pom-poms and short skirt – Think more along the lines of Little Wayne as a girl, as a cheerleader and there you have it.  Gangsta and happy at the same time.



12 thoughts on “What Do I Need To Start A Home Based Business – The Ultimate Guide”

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, your post is very informative and has a lot of great information. I am sure that your readers will love how you have broken everything down. Your post is also well detailed.

  2. Hey Norman!!! Thank you for your feedback. I really tried. A lot of people do not believe they can start a home based business anytime they want. As long as they can commit to doing what is necessary to grow it they have a shot at success – especially if I have anything to do with it.

  3. Hi, you have made some fantastic points here, and I thoroughly agree with everything you have said.

    Getting yourself kicked off sure is a different ball game than keeping yourself afloat, and I also had folks tell me I was crazy, there is no security on going out on your own, it is risky, you have no security etc…

    When I first started out, I was lost, did not know what to do or how to get it done, but I had no choice, I had to learn and figure it out and it took me a couple of years before I really fell into a niche.

    One of the biggest mistakes I made when starting out, was not having enough connections, I figured they would just somehow arrive and I would be inundated with connections on twitter and FB, but of course it was slower than water freezing in the summer.

    Slowly I did ok but wish I had been able to access more skilled people and groups like WA and other IM forums.

    Best wishes


  4. See Neil, you totally get where I am coming from. And Here, here to what I thought about how Twitter was going to go down for me.

    I really thought I was going to sign up for Twitter, my old ass, and have all these damned followers … I have accounts where in 1 month, I worked really hard and wound up with 17 followers.

    Falling into discouragement when you finally have the balls to step out on your own has to be one of the biggest personal factors that will hinder your ability to start a home based business effectively.

    Having support and a network surely keeps the discouragement at bat which will give you a reason to keep showing up until the profit bubble pops.

    Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!!!

  5. Hi there,

    Your post has a lot of information on how to create a business. And the fact it really does not cost any money to start a business online. does takes time to make money but the great thing is you feel that you have accomplished it. To make this happen, you have to be committed to reach that goal.

    For me, the support and reading how well others in this community are doing keeps my mind in focus and not let setbacks or discouragements to interfere my work.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Hi Rosa!!!

      Between sticking to your personal goals and commitments and keeping yourself happy and motivated even when you are discouraged takes a lot of help and support. I don’t think any endeavor is possible without a network but it becomes even truer online. We need a network and having a network gives you the confidence you need to build an audience. So yes, stay focused.

      If there is any help that you need or you need some words of encouragement, be sure to get in touch with me.
      Thank you for reading!!

  6. A subject I’m very interested in, as people think I’m crazy too! lol1 Will definately be checking back regularly because I think we share some of the same views. I believe anyone can start a biz whenever they want too, if they put in the work. And it looks like you have on this site. Your business is about to BLOW!!!

    1. Hey Rob!!!
      I would love to see you around. Glad to know we share the same views. I am looking forward to my business BLOWING and when it does, coffee on me!!!
      Thank you so much for your well wishes. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors as well.
      Check ya laters!

  7. Shonna, I think the first step is both the hardest and the easiest step to take. It’s the hardest because everyone has that fear of doing something they’ve never done before. It’s the easiest because, like you said, building a website takes no time at all, especially at Wealthy Affiliate. But building it out and creating content is where all the hard work is. The point is to get started.

    1. You know the whole industry is like that … Right Andy? Where everything is easy and hard at the same time.
      I kind of touch on this in the post Internet Marketers Are Liars But Tell The Truth At The Same Time.

      … and for 2017, I promised myself to throw myself into whatever endeavor I been plotting on for the past bunch of years and I am encouraging others to do the same, because you are 100% right – The point is to get started!!!

      Thank you for reading!!!

  8. You really hit the nail for me when you said that entrepreneurs need the support of other entrepreneurs. The road can get very lonely especially when everyone else evidently doesn’t value freedom. They are willing to give it up for security which can be achieved at the expense of neglecting your time, your health, your family, etc.

    Sorry, I was getting of track for a bit. There are days I felt alone because I felt the laugh and scorn of those who cared about me most. I understood that they are just afraid of seeing me get hurt.

    Hope you do well and I’m glad I came here,


    1. Hey Jessie!!!!
      Oh gosh … my friends have so many jokes … and my family? They been over it!
      … and as far as them not wanting us to get hurt … yeah … my heart goes out to them because they have to sit on the phone when we fail and deal with the discouragement in our voices. In the middle of them feeling sad that we are sad, they have to find the words to motivate us … It must get annoying … but an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur and our success is contingent upon who believes in us.

      We need that … I literally couldn’t do without it.

      Finding a network of like-minded people (and when I say like-minded I mean, so literally), in that we are all doing the same exact thing has been the key to my success. So, yes … entrepreneurs need the support of other entrepreneurs … glad that resonated with you.

      Thanks for reading.

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