Start An Online Business The Right Way

If you do not start an online business the right way we can assume it is not going to last.  It is an unfortunate statistic when it comes to how many people fail within the first 120 days – 90%

Do Online Business Really Work?

Do you know why you think online businesses don’t work or why you think they are a scam?

It’s a combination of the wrong state of mind, lack of tools and resources, and lack of genuine support.

… and let’s not forget about timing.  Take me for example – I never fell into trying to run an online business at the right time.  I had always just got fired.  I’d be being indignant *like* I’m not going back to work!!!  I am going to make this money online and stunt on everybody!  Or, I’d need money in the next two weeks.  I’d invest every waking minute I have only to be in a worse situation when the time comes.

When I first realized I was serious about making money online, I knew I wanted to position myself as someone who helped others.  Not the person who kept secrets to my success nor was I going to live profiting off someone’s failures.  If I was going to make money, I was going to show others exactly how to make it too.

Quickly, I realized that I had bitten off way more than I could chew.

Become a Wealthy Affiliate right now because this is a long blog post. 

The Journey I Was Prepared To Take Helping Others Start An Online Business The Right Way

Before I could even dig into any training, I would have to change people’s minds about running an online business.  Since internet marketers have abused inboxes and the entire industry, that would take a lot of content … and not simple content either.  Content that would hit home psychologically in order to change how people think about making money online.

  • Fear of being broke
  • Sadness of not being able to raise your kids full-time
  • Fear surrounding the lack of job security
  • Anger about being less fortunate

From there, I’d have to provide the framework that proves my idea that literally anyone can start and run an online business so long as you are willing to dedicate time to things you are personally interested in.

Once you embark on a plan, I was going to have to be there to support you across the board.

Through this all, I have to still continue learning how to run my business myself.  In case you didn’t know, this is my first real website and I woke up one morning and decided to build it.  I shoot in the dark every single day.  Every day there is some new challenge that I have never heard of before that I have to master.

As a matter of fact, ever since I had this website, I get so upset that we have to go to sleep.  All I keep thinking is those are hours I could be writing or connecting with people.

What Did I Find?

After realizing that even I didn’t start an online business the right way, I found a network of people that is showing me exactly what to do.  Let me tell you how serious I am:

I started Every Bitch Should Have A Blog, with the right intentions the wrong way with the knowledge I gained after 4 years of trial and error.

In less than a month, I was able to generate over 800 views, so I am not completely a flop, but I am not efficient in my craft.  I never built a website before, it has taken me a lot of time to pull it all together and to be honest, behind the scenes, I am a hot mess.

Three days before the date of this post I found Wealthy Affiliate and check out my new site SneakerHeaded.  Now, I know – it is just a shell, but let me tell you what I have gotten so far because the site is the least of it.  As you can see, I know how to build a site.


Okay!  If you are following any of my Twitters, you know I have a hard time getting followers.  The fact I can’t get Followers on my social networks almost affects my self esteem.  As a matter of fact, I almost started thinking about twerking for followers, but I am just not that girl.

The moment you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you get a follower as you do on most networks.  However, after two training modules, you are encouraged and prompted to complete your profile and post your financial goals.  Once you complete your profile and share your financial goals, sit back and wait for the community to start showering you with shouts of encouragement and well wishes in your business.  Heavy hitters even come through to let you know they are around if you need their help and insist that you not hesitate to ask a question.

Then you remember what you have heard in your training so far.  The community boasts about the amount of support you are slated to receive as long as you complete your training as they have outlined.

In 3 days, I have 70 engaged people who are genuinely concerned about my success in the program.  It is a wonderful feeling and any discouragement I may have been feeling has totally subsided.  Also, the level of motivation and inspiration I have surrounding my endeavors has increased.  As a result, today I am slated to accomplish a lot of work.

Clear And Thorough Direction

Everything I thought to do here at Every Bitch Should Have A Blog is actually done over at Wealthy Affiliate and they are the experts.  The training and how it is set up is ridiculous.  Honestly, you have to see it for yourself.  If you want an online business, gosh!!!  You can *like* have one in a matter of minutes.  But just having it is nothing – understanding the inner workings of what you are actually doing is a phenomenal component.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate, even when you are a free member is insanely valuable.  I have received plenty of “training” throughout the year but none of it has been as cohesive as the training you receive at Wealthy Affiliate.  If you want to start an online business the right way, the best way is to have someone hold your hand and walk you through every single aspect of that business and of that industry.

To start an online business the right way and Wealthy Affiliate’s training isn’t involved seems wrong. 

Virtually, that is exactly what is happening in this network – they are holding your hand.  The founders of the network, one of which name is Kyle, takes you by the hand tells you everything and gives you tasks to complete.  The tasks that you complete are as relevant as they are timely making you efficient from the gate.  And, I think Kyle is from Canada because instead of saying “About” he says, “Aboot.”  If you’ve ever seen one of my most favorite movies ever, “South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut,” you will notice his accent as well.  If I ever get to travel to Canada, I swear I hope I can give him a hug and treat him to a fine cup of coffee.

Make Some Money

In the interest of not wanting to waste time, everyone wants to start an online business the right way.  However, when you start an online business the right way, you are that much closer to making money.  Now, the first thing you learn is there are two kinds of training at Wealthy Affiliate.  There is training for starting an online business and there is the Affiliate bootcamp.

What does this mean?  Why is it set up like that?

This is pretty sweet, actually!  So, when you are learning how to start an online business, it has nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate or their products.  They only have one product and you are already using it once you sign up.  Either you are using it for free or you are a paid member, like me.  Once you become a paid member, there are no upgrades and they do not ask you for any more money which in my experience is a first.  The online business they are showing you how to build has nothing to do with them or their product, instead it has to do with you and your interests.  That is the bulk of your training or the bulk of the training with Wealthy Affiliate.

Then, there is the Affiliate Bootcamp where they show you how to offer Wealthy Affiliate to others.  This feature are for people who don’t really have an interest that they want to focus on inside of the program.  Some people only want to talk about making money.  For that reason, they are able to build sites around making money and introducing people to Wealthy Affiliate is their main income stream.  It’s pretty lucrative too.  If you are a paid member, it is super profitable, but free members make a decent amount to.  Since the program sells itself, the Affiliate Bootcamp focus is on making you an expert in the money making niche.

Author’s Take

You have to experience it for yourself.  If you really want to start an online business the right way, you must join this network.

If you have always wanted to know what it takes to run an online business, I would love to interact with you over at Wealthy Affiliate.  As soon as you sign up, I will be one of your first friends and I will be there with words of encouragement and personal support.  Since it is free to sign up and free to belong, you actually have nothing to lose.

But, forget about not having anything to lose – honestly, I don’t want any signups like that.  Someone is telling you in less than a year you can have an extra source of revenue and it is passive income if you focus really hard on the things you love, things you are very interested in, or even things you know nothing about but are willing to learn, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

If someone tells me, “Hey!  If you finish all of your training and connect with others who are happily connecting with you, you may be able to make an extra $200 a month every month in 6 months,” I am doing it!

Check out my About page so you can learn more about Every Bitch Should Have A Blog.  I built this site hoping I could show people how much money they are missing out on by not working towards making money online.  Now, I found a network that will show you more than what I ever could.

Comment Below

Would you like help to start an online business the right way?  I would love your feedback.  Do you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate?  I know you do.  No question is stupid, so ask away.  Also, if you are already a member, what has been your experience with the program?


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