Aha! I Knew I Wasn’t An Internet Marketer! (Infographic)

In less than a month, Every Bitch Should Have A Blog has generated close to 800 views.  Thinking back on the days I’d be at my part time job having not slept a wink since I woke up the day before, I can honestly say I would do it again and I look forward to doing it some more.

Well, I cannot say I am looking forward to it.  However, the idea of what I am building gives me all of the drive I need to push through.  Besides, at the end of this month, I will be able to scale my business and focus on mastering the things that work … and learning more so I can be an optimal position to be a resource for others looking to break into the market.

The following infographic resonated with me and I had to share it.  It reminds me of when I graduated Massage Therapy school and people kept referring to me as a “Massuse”.  I used to say, “No!  I don’t do Happy Endings, nor do I work in a place where my colleagues do.  I am a certified Massage Therapist.”  In the same respect, I am not an internet marketer.  Internet marketers and their unscrupulous marketing ways have tarnished an industry that a lot of people could have used to change their entire life.

I want to be a resource and a support for people who are ready to forget about how they have been scammed or any negative predispositions they may have been exposed to about making money online.  I want to empower people to start believing they can still experience life-changing income.  For all of that and more, I am willing to bear the expense of running a website and am fine if I never make a red cent.  To me and to a lot of others, that just doesn’t sound like an internet marketer.

Next month, there are a lot of different things I have to focus on.  I know putting things in writing makes it real and also, I would hate to disappoint any audience I may have no matter how small it is.  So, here is a glimpse into what I have planned.

My Target Audience

Next month, I dig down deep and really define my target audience.  I have always known who I am trying to reach, but reaching them is a bit challenging.  In order to reach my target market, I have to depart from teaching people how to make money online and dive into my interests.  So next month, you are going to learn a lot about me because a lot of the people that make up my target market do and like the same things I do.  Most importantly they have the same problems I have.

I work in retail.  I work in retail and I am over 30 but not in management.  I am low income.  I did not complete college.  I am black.  I am a lesbian.  I am a black lesbian.  I am single.  I am single because I got cheated on a few years ago and getting back into dating is weird.  I am short.  I am an Aries.  I never learned the value of a dollar.  I love sneakers.  I love shopping, even though I do not have the money, but I make it work.  I have 3 best friends so I guess you can say I am a home girl.  I am into fitness.  I would like to gain weight and maybe start lifting.

In other words, I want to target the audience that can relate to what I do and who I am in real life.  Why would I try to target people to help that aren’t interested in the same thing as me or have the same problems as me?  So expect to see a lot of not technical posts that you will enjoy reading.

Growing My Audience On My Social Networks

This is my challenge for the month of April.  PSA: My birthday is in April.  My challenge this month is to increase my social engagements and audience by more than 100% over this month without using paid advertising techniques.

I really suck at FaceBook and Twitter.  I think a lot of people are still confused about Google+ and Pintrest is slowly gaining momentum.  I am totally comfortable with Instagram although I can do way better than I have been doing.  I have different challenges on each network.  I do not post enough on FaceBook and I have no engagement.  Same is true for Twitter.  Pintrest will not be a super focus, but it will be in May, so I will do what I can.  Instagram is fine except for I need to be out and about and showing my audiences that I get a chance to experience life from time to time.

With Facebook and Twitter being such a struggle, if you could find it in your heart to like my FaceBook page and maybe even follow me on Twitter, I would be so happy.  Honestly, you would be doing me a favor because there is nothing exciting there … I am going to be diligently working to change that.  I’d like to open up discussions and really start connecting with new people.  I love discussions.


There are a lot of people that would happily pay $5 for a consultation or life coaching session.  Even though both sessions are worth way more, I do not care.  People need empowerment and they need support when it comes to hardships they are enduring.  For that reason, in April, I am launching 2 Fiverr gigs.  One will be a consultation for an online business and the other will be a life coaching session.

This is definitely something you want to be around for when it drops.  If you join my email list you will be the first to know when I start my Gigs that are exclusive to Fiverr and my personal inner circle.

My Website

Since next month is going to be way more efficient than this month, my first month, I plan to dedicate the extra hours I have to learning more about web development.  I want to make sure that people are having a good time when they come to my site.  I want my site to continually strive for a professional and clean appearance.

Also, I want to make sure I make it easy for people to connect with me and get content from my site and into the hands of people they know can use the information.

If you want to get a fuller perspective about what I am doing around her or how I even got to this point, check out my About page and What Starting A Blog Has Taught Me.  I also thing you should check out SwagBucks.

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  1. I Love your tone and style. I feel like you are a real person talking to me and I super appreciate that. So many blogs come off as condescending and It makes me not want to read them as carefully and thoughtfully. This post is very insightful and I really hope that you achieve your goals. I am also a fan of the infographic! Good Luck!

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