Slap A Customer And Walk Off: How To Quit Your Retail Job Like A Boss!

… in under a year, I might add.

Oh!  You thought I liked breaking day reading and writing?  And when I say “breaking day” I mean staying up through the night. I be wide awake, using every hour to,

  •  read experts in the field
  •  study advanced blogging techniques
  •  analyze my sites data
  •  do outreach
  •  chain smoke wondering if my posts are good enough

*When you are ready to quit your retail job, should you decide to use my technique, this won’t be your story.  And lucky you because I wasn’t finished. 

All through the night I teach and have taught myself things like,

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • design techniques
  • photo editing

For goodness sake, of the 19 college credits my dumb ass has, none of them are art or computer based.  I wasn’t born during the age of technology.  I was one of the only people in high school with a cell phone – and I am not bragging.  First of all, it was nothing to brag about … it was the size of a VCR.

I mean no Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube existed. 

But!  None of these efforts are going to go in vain.  I will be able to quit my retail job and you will have the framework to quit your retail job … like a boss.

How To Quit Your Retail Job Like A Boss

I know you’ve heard of a friend of a friend of a friend …

or maybe you know someone directly that was begging you to be on their team or join some kind of opportunity and you neglected to and now they are balling out of control?

If you had’ve taken them up on their offer, you would have been able to quit your retail job a while ago.

I’m going to let you know Every Bitch Should Have A Blog has a shitload of potential.

I look at it as if it were my personal little gold mine and I am just acquiring tools to start digging or excavating.

I have a clear method of how I am going to slap the shit out of a customer (and I really didn’t mean to curse, but I get really excited when I think about it) and walk off the sales floor.

This is why this site exists.

“There are much greater forces at work than being entertaining and resourceful, I am trying to make enough money to support myself and whoever else I want and retain lawyers, accountants and house laborers.”

This site exists so one day, I can quit my job in whatever manner I like and not have to worry about finances ever again.  I want my finances to be so popping that I could slap a customer and, like I said, retain the best lawyer ever if that is what I wanted to do.*

Picture this:

A customer walks through the door acting like she is on Love and Hip Hop.  She has on a head scarf, her lips are screwed up and when you put on your brightest smile and say, “Hello,” she looks at you like you stupid and turns away to look at product.  After speaking to another customer, all of a sudden you hear someone blurt out, “Can I get these in a 7!?!”  When you turn to the direction of the voice, it is her and she isn’t even looking at anyone.  She is on the phone, still rummaging through merchandise.

Gosh … I have *like* 30 more customer archetypes exhibiting some of the most disgusting and unacceptable behaviors we have to deal with in the service industry.

The customer who knows your job and the product better than you, the customer who acts like he/she didn’t see their child break that piece off the display, the customer who can’t understand a sale, the customer who tries to use policy and procedure to their advantage, should I keep going?

I tell people all of the time, on behalf of every excellent sales associate you’ve ever came across, “We just make it look easy.”

In fact, the retail industry is considered one of the worst industries there is.

The reality of the situation is, I am stuck in retail, or I was, at least –

well … I am still in retail, but now that I have this blog a whole world of opportunity has opened up. Who knows where I’ll be in 9 months?

Every Bitch Should Have A Blog

When I think about:

  1. The potential of blogging
  2. There is a void in blogging and a lot of the niches the blogging industry doesn’t have are from people who don’t know they actually have something to say.

If you are a female, you should definitely have a blog.  I list all of the reasons in my very first post on this site a year ago before this was even a site of it’s own.  Read 10 Reasons Why Every Bitch Should Have A Blog and then come back so I can wrap this up.

Now That You Know Why Every Bitch Should Have A Blog

… I can go on to tell you my vision. 

Currently, I only have a few systems in place that will show people how to generate money.  You can learn about them in these posts:

These are no cost and no obligation programs that I use to earn commissions from either referrals or actions taken on the site.

These programs will not get either of us rich, but they are a perfect tool for learning what it takes to be an internet marketer or at the very least how to supplement your income or daily expenditures.


Every Bitch Should Have A Blog is positioned to teach you how to use them and a whole log more …

… some are going to want something a little more serious.  

Those very same people probably want to start now. 

Then you are going to want to go straight to Get Started.

You will learn all the things you need to learn to run an online business and access to help 24/7. 


If you want to read more about me, check the About Page!!!

Feedback is really important to me. If you have any questions or you want to run some ideas by me do not hesitate to comment below.

I’d love to hear from you.

*For the record, I do want to slap a customer, just to make an example out of one, but I would never come out of character on the sales floor and risk going to jail.  Now, verbal abuse?  That’s another story.


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