Top 5 Lesbian Blogs Worth Looking At

Where Are The Great Lesbian Blogs?

In order to make this list, these lesbian blogs had to rank on the first page of google for lesbian related search queries and they had to be .com’s of their own.

Boy, was it was slim pickings.  Search after search, finding quality butch and/or femme websites that fit the criteria was damned near painful.

From curating beautiful women of the lgbt community to the wonders of scissoring, these sapphic sites are among the ones I’d like to rank with.

If having a blog of your own is something you’ve ever thought about, as you look at these sites, know that I can begin to show you how to build and run a site of your own … literally what I am doing now.  If you use my exact methods which starts with a free starter membership to a platform of digital entrepreneurs, you’ll be in front of an opportunity that can change your life.

Model Lesbians

First of all, who doesn’t like beautiful people or eye candy?  I don’t know who is running this site, but I know the pictures are awesome.  Everyone loves beautiful pictures and everyone likes to look at good looking people, when you marry the two, you have this site.  Beautiful pictures of beautiful lesbians.  Also, I just want to be clear that when we talk about the word beautiful in terms of models, they may in fact just be so interesting or funny looking that they are beautiful.  When we talk about models, we are using the word beautiful, loosely.  However the word is being used, it is all captured in the pictures on this site.

By the way, sites like this are very easy to build and if it is a lesbian site, it’s easy to rank because there is a huge void.  If you wanted to start building a website of your own, here is a free one.

Card Carrying Lesbian

If you haven’t came across CCL, then I don’t even know if you are a lesbian, actually.  Sasha has had this site for years.  At least 3 and I do not know how far the site went back before then.  She talks about everything.  I haven’t had a chance to see if she has posted anything recently, but one of my favorite posts, I hope to talk about one day myself – they whole phenomenon with straight women and how obsessed they can get over a stud, what they will give up, and what they will risk.  I hope to dig deeper into that subject.  Out of all of the lesbian blogs, Sasha has been the biggest inspiration.  This girl bears all and I am the kind of person that believes if you are going to be an open book, then be an open book.  She has that covered.  Also she digs into topics that I am not interested in writing about but interested in knowing about like alternative alternative relationships such as pansexualism.

Fit For A Femme

When it comes to aesthetics, FFAF is what I strive for.  Out of all of the lesbian blogs, this site is clean, elegant, and being that they are into beauty and femme fashion, it was really attractive to me.  I love femmes and beauty and fashion.  Another thing I noticed about FFAF was they had another blog.  The blog, unfortunately is outdated.  However, I am going to look further into that because I think FFAF is their brand and Bloglovin is their blog.  If that is the case, then that is the same model I am building, where I have a blog and a brand that has a blog as well.  Yes, I like to write that much.  If in fact, that is what they are doing, then they are really onto something and so am I.

Lesbihonest Blog

Feelings, real life experiences, and sheer transparency is what is being bought to the table. 

Every Bitch Should Have A Blog

This is more like, a lesbian’s blog.  And how it started out is not how it’s finishing.  Shortly after I started this blog, everyone started asking me how to start a blog and who taught me how to do what I am doing.  Little by little, Every Bitch Should Have A Blog started becoming a site that would help other people on the path to financial freedom … but, lately it’s going back to being what I want it to be …. or at least that is what is going down for 2018.

In the meantime …

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Who knows … maybe one day you’ll have a lesbian blog of your own that is generating an income.

If you have any questions about blogging or what it takes, leave a comment below.  Also, which lesbian blogs are you reading or do you know of an online publication for us?  If so, leave that in the comments as well.

If blogging is something you ever wanted to get into, Contact Me and let me know what your challenges are.

Thanks for reading.


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