Netspend And Their Simple and Often Over-looked Referral Program

Netspend referral programA lot of people who have Netspend do not know anything about the Netspend referral program or how they can use it to create an extra source of income.  After you read this, you will learn about the Netspend card and how much you can make by inviting people to use the card.

Netspend Prepaid Debit Card

First of all, most people that have a Netspend card actually hate it.  Most of the people I know use it because they do not like using the bank or they cannot get a bank account.  Netspend isn’t typically a first choice because the associated fees are a bit much.

If you pay $10 a month, you can save on all the fees associated with making a purchase with your card or checking your balance.  Yes, their petty asses will charge you to check your balance. 

However, that $10 does not include ATM fees and there are no free ATMs.  So not only do you have to pay the ATM fee charged by the ATM, but Netspend charges a fee too.  It can easily cost an additional $5 to withdraw funds from an ATM using your Netspend card.

How The Netspend Referral Program Works

The Netspend referral program?  Is it so lucrative because they are making so much money in fees?  Also, why does it seem like no one takes full advantage of what Netspend gives for referring your friends and family? 

Here is how it works:

  1. Directly refer someone to Netspend where they order a card.
  2. In 5-7 business days they will receive the card and load $40 onto the card.  This will cost them $45, with the $5 being the service fee for loading the card and the $40 becomes the cards available balance.
  3. In two days, both you and the person you referred who loaded $40 onto their card will receive $20 from Netspend deposited directly into your Netspend account.
  4. The only stipulation is that the person you refer can not have done anything with Netspend in 180 days.

The fact you get $20 for everyone who follows through isn’t even the best part – it’s that there is no cap on how much you can earn.  You can make as much as you like.

If you refer 100 people and in one day 80 of them load their card with $40 then Netspend will give you $1600 and a 1099 so you can report your earnings the upcoming tax year.

Really, the only downside is you can only send referrals directly through email.  Unfortunately this referral program is by invite only which is why (I believe) this opportunity is unchartered territory.  Most of the bigger internet marketers don’t have time to send out direct referrals.  I send mine out once a day when I get home from work.

How You Freak The Netspend Referral Program

Starting a blog is necessary!For someone who wants to make money online, the Netspend referral program is actually a great start.  Mainly because you can start by posting the opportunity to your Facebook friends and family.

Posting to your Facebook friends and family is a great way to get your momentum going.  However, unless you are adding a hundred new friends a day, eventually there will be no one else to refer.

If you had a blog or a website, the only thing you’d have to learn is how to drive traffic to your site.  This is an example of how blogs make money.  In other words, all I’d have to do is tell you all I did to get you where you are right now, doing what you are doing which is reading this post about the Netspend referral program.

My Take On The Matter

The Netspend referral program is a great way to break into making money online.  Since you need an email address in order to refer someone, you will be building your list as soon as you start.  If you wanted to break into using a blog to make money, I would love to help you.

Contact me and I will send you a link.  You can follow the directions here or there and that will be an easy $20 for the both of us.

But, that is the least of it.  You need a blog just like this one but done your own way.  If that is something that interests you, you are going to want to consider building a home-based business.  Here is a step-by-step guide to building a home-based business. 

If this is too much for you, check out something that will put you in a FaceBook time warp.  Have you ever heard of Swagbucks?  It’ll keep you busy for hours and you will put money back in your pocket doing stuff you normally do.  Earn Gift Cards Here.



Netspend Referral Program

Netspend Referral Program



    Support/Customer Service


      Initial Investment



        • Pay As You Go
        • Get Your Money A Day Early
        • No cap on referrals


        • Fees associated with the card is highway robbery.

        6 thoughts on “Netspend And Their Simple and Often Over-looked Referral Program”

        1. Wow, I was one of those people who really had no idea about how much money you can make with the Netspend Referral Program! I mean, nobody likes to pay fees of any kind, let alone the ones you would have to pay for loading the card and checking the balance. But if you could make a cool $20 right at the start, then it’s actually pretty good!

          I wonder why they only let you do it though email though. Is there a specific reason for this?

          1. You know, Nick? I have no clue. The only thing that makes sense to me is they do not want people to abuse it. There is no cap to how many 20s you can make. If they made it super easy, they wouldn’t see the profit margins they probably see now. The Netspend referral program is really lucrative. I am thinking about using it to build my email list. We will see how that goes.

            Thank you for reading. Aregato!!!

        2. Very interesting! I’ve never heard of NetSpend before, but your explanation and review of this product was spot on – I’ll have to look further into it!

          1. Hey Tamara!!! I do think you should look into it. I’ve been using Netspend for years and I made sure my friends and I were able to get the $20, however, there are so many more $20s to get. It’s a pretty sweet deal that hardly no one is using to it’s fullest potential.

            Thanks for reading.

        3. I am one person who seriously does not like using any card that is connected to my bank account so cards like NetSpend come in handy. Seriously though, NetSpend also charges you for loading your card?? That’s not nice! lolz But when you think about the referral program, suppose you managed to refer just one person a month (that’s assuming you are not using the referral program as a source of income) the $10 fee would cover itself. Thanks for enlightening me.

          1. Hey Ami!
            Gosh! Ain’t they petty? But Netspend isn’t really the one charging you to load the card … the Walgreens or the Rite Aid is. Netspend will charge you to check your balance, though, which I think is insanely ridiculous.

            And referring one person a month sounds so easy. I do not know why more people promoting it. Especially with the intention of offsetting all of the fees associated with using the card.

            Thanks for reading.

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