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Now, I know you know, making money online isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s so hard that people fail so badly, they come to think it is impossible, it’s a scam, or it takes a special person or technique.  Nope.  Stick around and I will not show you how to get rich, but I will show you how to make some chump change or save on daily expenditures such as your coffee habit.

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Don’t forget, Every Bitch Should Have A Blog, is my journey trying to build this really cool lifestyle brand that caters to the lesbian community.  Bielyouintee is what this is all about.  Find out more.


New bloggers and webmasters need content and I need a network of influencers.  Ironic that a big part of my agenda here focuses on building relationships, but I suck at networking.  In the quest for more traffic, I learned I had to do a guest post, but after checking over 70 submission requirement pages, I decided even though I’d grow my traffic exponentially, aggregated sites such as Huffington Post or Forbes will never know me and their audience won’t be anymore engaged on my site than they are on theirs.  However, if I am invited to do a guest post for a real site ran by a real person or people, I may make a friend so the traffic I miss out on isn’t even an issue.  Hit Me Up so we can discuss what you want me to say to your audience. 

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