Every Bitch Should Have A Blog

Little Kim wanted "a whole bunch of dykes on Ninja bikes."
I just want a whole team of women to work towards financial freedom with no matter what our setbacks may be.

Learn The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer you can trust?
Where they do that at?

As a matter of fact, right here.
It's happening right here.

Learn everything  I know about making money online and all I do to build successful online businesses.

If Trump Can Be President, You Can Build A Profitable Online Business

While we've been struggling to make ends meet as a way to pay for all of the wrong decisions that we've made in life, Donald Trump got to become a president?

That proves, we can be whatever we want to be and that includes RICH!

Something about the promise of being able to make money online never turned me off. So, I kept learning and I kept losing. But, now look … not only do I have 5 online businesses, I am able to save anyone who fucks with me the time and money I spent getting here.
Digital Entrepreneur
People are making thousands of dollars a month using two tools I have readily available - Wifi and a Laptop. Besides those, most of what you need to be wealthy comes from within. The vehicle is leveraging the power of affiliate marketing.
Born Hustler
My goal is to build out 5 websites that each make $20 a day. That means, I would make $100 a day and that would be a total of $3000. But, I would be super happy if I could build 5 websites that make $10 a day because that would be $1500 a month that is going to come hell or high water. What would your goals be?

Welcome To Ebshab.com!

Hi! I am Shonna and it is a pleasure to meet you. I do hope you've bought along some time and determination, because that is what you are going to need to make this work. At any rate, I'd love for you to check out my about page to find out more about me.


Building A Blog Is Not A Dark Alley

… it's a light one. There is a lot to learn and for some aspects of business, there is a huge learning curve. But, let me tell you … I knew nothing when I started. I didn't know the dynamics of Google, nothing about SEO, nothing about niche websites. But, I knew blogs made money and I wanted to have one.

My Availibility

No matter how good this website is beginning to look, I am still a newbie just like you. However, in the past 6 months, I've seen my businesses grow and I am confident that I am headed to the top. I look up to some real heavy hitters in the affiliate marketing industry and I am sure I am going to gain some momentum and some recognition. For that reason, I am looking for my day ones. The people who are going to start their journey towards wealth too. That said, reach out and let me know what you need to get started.

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