A lot of people wonder how bloggers make money or how blogs make money.  For some reason, finding the answer is costly.  Here, you can rest assured, not only are you going to learn everything you need to know to have a blog of your own, you'll be offered access to the community of people that got me to the stage I am at now. 

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Outside of the fact entrepreneurs need the support of other entrepreneurs, when it comes to making money online, I am a firm believer that you CANNOT succeed without genuine support.  For that reason, getting help from me is as simple as reaching out.

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In life, everything should have a purpose!  Plans may change, but purposes should never.  Every Bitch Should Have A Blog was born out of a burning desire to help others learn how to use the internet to make money.  Find out more about the vision, values, and the mission. 

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If You Have These Qualities:


Monetize your interests, not a website or blog!

I'll show you how